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Meet The Speakers

Welcome to TEDxKrea University! Get ready to be astounded by our mix of inspirational speakers from a variety of areas who will pique your interest, provoke new ideas, and motivate change. Join for an exchange of ideas that have the power to transform perspectives and shape the future. Get ready to be captivated and save the date for this unforgettable event!



Head of Infosys AI


Raghavan Subramanian leads the Infosys Tennis initiative to showcase the best of Infosys digital and analytical capabilities through strategic partnerships with Australian Open, Roland Garros, ATP and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. He has over 29 years of work experience in which he has led multiple strategic initiatives in marketing, Internal IT and R&D. He is a solution oriented individual who is also the co-author of 2 patents. His talk is highly anticipated, and with good reason!

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Creative Director & Founder, Bloni + Shehar


Akshat Bansal's exceptional journey as the founder of Bloni, where he's seamlessly merged the realms of craft, technology, and sustainability to create forward-thinking solutions in fashion, has truly captured our attention.  His accolade as the Fashion Innovator Of The Year at the Ajio Grazia Millennial Awards, alongside his remarkable Paris Fashion Week debut, stands as a testament to his impact in the fashion industry. We believe that his presence at TEDxKREA University will greatly resonate with our students and inspire them to explore uncharted paths in their pursuits!

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Founder, Bio Basics


Ramesh Chandran has 22 years of corporate experience spread over asset management in developed and emerging markets. Along with his wife, he launched Bio Basics in 2015. Bio basics is aimed at making organic food accessible and provides a curated list of organic items that are sourced directly from farmers. We are thrilled by the prospect of learning about his corporate life, what made him veer towards bio basics and his journey towards making organic food accessible and growing its existing market!

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Vanessa Carson
Erin Wells



Principal Architect, Roaish Architecture


Aishwarya Krish, the visionary founder and principal architect at Roaish Architecture + Design, is a 25-year-old self-made entrepreneur. Amidst the post-Covid world, she fearlessly established the company in 2020. In just three years, Aishwarya and her team have completed an impressive portfolio of 55 projects throughout Chennai city. Leading an all-women team in this industry of Architecture and Interior Design, she proudly champions diversity and empowerment. With a focus on creating spaces that foster happiness, comfort, and inspiration, they are redefining design norms in India, one project at a time. We are looking forward to her insights!

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Founder, Jetline Group 


Mr. Rajan Navani, Chairman and Managing Director of the renowned Jetline Group, brings 80+ years of legacy and innovation to the forefront. As the driving force behind JetSynthesys, a cutting-edge digital entertainment and technology company, he pioneers AI, Machine Learning, blockchain, and AR/VR advancements. His leadership has fostered diverse ecosystems across mobile game development, gaming live ops, esports, music, and more. Beyond business, as a Government of India CEO nominee for the India Japan Business Leaders Forum and a founding member of Indiaspora, he's a vital figure in shaping international relations.

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